Excess width and excess height – competent and flexible in all respects

We are a specialist service provider for excess width and excess height transports within Europe. Especially in the area of aviation and aerospace we can look back to a long tradition and thereby possess a wealth of experience in applications as well as skilled personnel. Your high-quality and sensitive goods will receive an optimum on care. Our specialised dispatchers can provide you with intensive support in all questions regarding transport in your project meetings beforehand, during and after the transport, thereby assuring comprehensively the complex topic of volume transports. We possess permanent authorisation for oversized transports in Germany and France. The loading capacities can be adjusted through extendable jumbo trailers and swap bodies to adapt to your special transport needs. Of course, we can securely transport your particular goods, also temperature-controlled from -5°c to +25°C, to other countries with corresponding forerun in the necessary project planning and management.

Discover the benefits for yourself...
  • of our specialised dispatchers
  • of our highly trained driving personnel, who have all necessary certifications and authorisations → verified from ADR through to VS (classified)
  • of our vehicles, all of which are equipped according to the latest standards
  • of our wealth of experience

We can transport your goods from up to 3.25m height and 3.00m width under tarpaulin throughout Europe. And we have been operating successfully for many years.

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